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Alan Clayton-Matthews

PhD, Boston College

Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs

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Research Interests and Specialties:
Quantitative Methods, Econometrics and Regional Economic Development, epecially issue related to Educational Attainment, the Labor Market, Distribution of Income, and Public Finance.

Professor Clayton-Matthews is an Assoicate Professor and holds the honor of beingthe first tenured faculty member in our department.  He has worked at the Social Welfare Research Institute at Boston College studying the impact of federal budgetary policies on the distribution of income, at Data Resources, Inc. as a regional economist, and at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, where he forecasted tax revenues and conducted tax policy analyses.

His publications include a co-authored article, "Indexes of economic indicators: What can they tell us about the New England economy?" in
the New England Economic Review, and "The Massachusetts Dynamic Analysis Model" in State Tax Notes.

Office Location: McCormack Hall, third floor, room 427
Telephone: 617-287-6945   
Email address: alan.clayton-matthews@comcast.net


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