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Jennifer Radden
Ph.D., Oxford University, 1976.
Department of Philosophy
Moral Philosophy and Philosophy of Mental Health

Jennifer Radden

Professor Radden's teaching and research interests include moral
philosophy, particularly the moral and philosophical foundations of public
policy, the ethics of policy analysis and decision-making, feminist theory,
and the ethics of psychiatry and mental health policy. Her articles include
"Choosing to Refuse: Patients' Rights and Psychotropic Medication," in
Bioethics, and "Chemical Sanity and Persona Identity," in Public Affairs
She is the author of Divided Minds and Successive Selves:
Ethical Issues in
Disorders of Identity and Personality, and The Nature of Melancholy.

Office Location: Wheatley Hall, 5th floor, room 019  

Telephone: 617-287-6546           
Email address: jennifer.radden@umb.edu

Ph.D. Program in Public Policy at UMass Boston
homepage: http://www.publicpolicy@umb.edu